Paradise Lost?

What do you call a parasitic life form that tries to destroy its host?

Anwer A: Cancer (host: me, you, anyone)

Answer B: The human race (host: planet Earth, inner space)

I've found it necessary of late to think more deeply about aberration, for there's little that's more personally  aberrant than cancer. And barring the odd cometary collision there's nothing more aberrant to our planetary home than you and me and all the rest of us. Humanity growing cancer-like out of control, degrading itself with maximum promiscuity along the way. Each one of us wanting, demanding accumulatively a great deal more than our host planet can possibly give without eventual collapse.

The irony is that we are the one single species that has evolved to the point where it has the outright capability to control itself by numbers as by demand as by behaviour. The one single species, in fact, that has been given the power of God.

Will it/we come to do so? I hope, yes. If we can find the cure for cancer, or at least discover its cause/s, and we might well, then we can surely find the far more important cure - i.e. a way to survive without destroying our host - for the human race as a whole.

Dark thoughts? No. At least, no darker than John Milton's Paradise Lost that I'm reading at the moment.

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