More power to the people

Those with long memories my think back to 13th November 2012 or thereabouts and my blogs reporting my correspondence with The Bank of England re my application for the soon to be vacant post of Governor. They will also recall that this exchange ended in acrimony to put it mildly, extreme scurrility to be more truthful.

To my surprise it seems I'm not yet out of the hunt for a new B of E Governor! I have just received a most apologetic letter from the incumbent, copied to the CE and all seventy new millionaire Members of Godman (sic) Sachs. It seems The Bank has run out of applicants, the job being the modern day equivalent of a term in the village stocks being pelted with overripe fruit and rotten eggs, excreta etc.

However I'm now about to write back telling them I'd rather be dropped into a snakepit head first or marooned on a desert island for ten years with Mrs Thatcher. So they can keep it. Thanks.

However I shall add one caveat. I would in fact accept the position if, firstly, I am given full powers to take back all four hundred thousand million pound notes that they have in effect taken from the public purse and have given free of charge to the the employees and shareholders of their friends over the road in The City. That's on the one hand. On the other, I want the power to use the returns for the building of factories that make things people want to buy (instead of buying them in from bloody China.) On the third hand I have to have the power to fire each and every Bof E employee before setting time fuses to strategically placed bombs and, being last out, locking up that bloody great big door behind me.

Yes, power to the people!

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