Less power to the people

A gentleman asked me to support the public protest against a wind turbine to be sited at Mellon Udrigle - one of the more seascapes in Scotland, (which could mean in the world). This is my response. I'd like to share it with you ...
"Thank you for the opportunity to register my protest against the Mellon Udrigle wind turbine. I am happy to do so but unfortunately my cut and paste effort to get on site failed for some reason. I'll try again later on.
Ah, the vexed question of those damn great three-armed monoliths fast beeeding all over these islands - especially in the remoter, less inhabited, more unspoiled regions. (Of course these are the places where they can and do wreck the environment the most and at the same time attract the least residential opposition!)
At first I confess to having had mixed feelings on the subject of wind farms. Anything but nuclear, thought I, (and still do). Then I looked out of my window on Loch Ewe and considered the trillions of tonnes of sea water sloshing to and fro out there twice daily. The power within. And I looked up at the daytime sky and thought of the trillions of kilowatt energy beaming down on us. The power on high.
Most of all I thought of humankind's latterday need for power / energy. I thought of the amount of it we think we 'need' per each individual on these islands, on this planet Earth; four billions of us when I was born, rising seven billions a scant seventy eight years later. And in seventy eight more of these short years?
Flying south to visit our family I looked down on a trillion street lights and wondered what they were actually for. As a boy I remember lightless London, cars only with pinprick sidelights. I do not recall any great hardship or any great inconvenience. I do recall the general air of calm content. Why, I wondered, in an age of anyone can see anywhere, anyone can talk to anyone through our marvellous digitalia, why do we need all this travel and the usage of power to do so? Heathrow is like an ant hill frenzied into mad, hither and thither action by some snuffling marauder. There's no marauder so what for all the rush and tear, exactly? Ditto our roadways, in spades.
But if we cannot control ourselves and are happy to approach the abyss on a wave of well-lit euphoria why not site all the wind turbines above the cities? That's where the people are who seem to need the power for their central heating - at whatever cost and to avoid the necessity of donning an extra jumper, I guess - and for all the domestic gadgetry, street lights, said travel etc etc.
Meantime Hamish, I applaud your efforts. I see you charging the windmills like Don Quixote, cheered on by me as Sancho Panza. But you know, if there are enough Don Quixotes ..."
Can anyone please tell me by what logic my response falls down? Please?


  1. I don't think the words I just read were written by candle light on a type writer now were they? You're maybe not that different from those energy consuming townies...
    You don't see the irony, no hypocrisy in the sentence "FLYING south to visit our family I looked down on a trillion lights and wonder what they are for".
    Urmm, let me tell you- they light up the pavements so people can... I guess... find their way to... places... Also altogether they probably use less energy than the plane that's holding your pondering self at 30, 000 feet.

    1. Absolutely correct, Ballal. As you get older you should (and I think I can) separate your thoughts from your personal conduct without hypocrisy. I am not humankind, nor am I an island. I live in the real world but that does not mean I have to like all of it, nor the direction in which I see my species currently heading. And that does not mean I have to succumb to the thought controls of the media. Nor do you by the way.

      Shakespeare, who knew more about human behaviour than any person before or since (my view, sorry!) in common with most of the thinkers of his era believed firmly that Mankind reached its apogee in the days of the ancient Greeks and was, by the 17th century, already on the downwards part of the species trajectory. Nothing today would have changed his view, I think.

  2. Are planes powered by wind turbines? No, although some do glide on the wind.

  3. Tidal Turbine power - that is the way forward for many Scottish sea lochs with the right topography.


    We need energy that´s a fact. Is humankind going to reduce it´s energy requirement - no. The burgeoning world population is the problem, but no government wants to become embroiled in that issue...

    1. "No government wants to become embroiled in that issue" (population growth) Exactly. But that's the problem isn't it? Government not wanting to govern in the name of and for the benefit of the people? Yet past governments adopted unpopular policies - for instance elected to go to war with Germany in 1914 and 39, legislated against the tobacco industries when we all smoked cigarettes etceteraa etcetera. If now it cannot govern then it is the government itself that must change. At least it must bring itself to debate the obvious.

  4. This is not about ego's. The point is simple. Radio4 listeners voted MU the most beautiful place in Britain. It should be protected. It strikes me that the traits of the relgious zealot are all to obvious when some decide that we all need to benefit from their eco beliefs. Do a good thing protect MU for future generations. If in doubt it may be worth investigating thelevel of subsidy to foreign investors in this industry. Protect this special place.


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