Godman Sachs forever

This is from my blog of  earlier this month - you may recall my job application correspondence with the incumbent Governor of The Bank of England? ... "I have just received a most apologetic letter from the incumbent, copied to the CE and all seventy new 'make me a millionaire' Members of Godman (sic) Sachs."

I could get quite bitter and twisted at this point, for to my astonishment I have been overlooked in favour of - would you believe it - an ex-Godman Sachs man! GS's motto is: we toil not neither do we spin but we have all the fxxxxxx keys. They weren't kidding with that and they surely are not kidding now!

I understand they are now grooming someone to take over the Monarchy. Clearly the incumbent family simply doesn't know enough to milk the position to its maximum advantage. Step in, GS. You most certainly do.

By the way I understand that the B of E's incoming Governor was working in London for GS during the time said GS was aiding and abetting Robert Maxwell, (nee God knows Czeckoslovakian who), to pillage the pension plans of thousands of his employees, including those of that fine upstanding journal, The Daily Mirror. Of course all in 'The City' escaped scot free, and our new financial supremo went on to bigger and better hooverings.

All except Maxwell of  course, who went for a swim amongst the sharks. I suspect I know who would have ended up eating whom. A little story set in the time when Robert was dashing around the UK buying up print and packaging companies. Having acquired a Print house in the North of England and being Roller chauffered back to the City down the MI with the taken over company's MD, there was a minor difference of opinion. Maxwell ordered his driver to stop on the hard shoulder. It was pouring down with rain, night time and a long way from anywhere. "Get the fxxx out," he instructed. Said driver helped the eviction and the good Robert drove away leaving my friend standing. Nice work.

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