Coitus interruptus (literal)

After eighteen chapters I'm about to tell my subscribers on that there's going to be a break in transmission. A kind of literary coitus interruptus ahead of the climactic chapters of THE BOOK, my novel in progress.

My gut feeling, supported by some readers, is that the main storyline has become a bit entangled in its own peripherals. So, I’m going to make a big effort to stand back and look at the novel as a whole unit. After that I'm going to recontruct it and reinforce its characters in an attempt to give it the strength and focus I believe (as I hope will you, its reader) that its main theme deserves.

Who is the stranger on the hill who appeared and spoke to Hector Mackenzie (soon to be V.C.) back in 1914? What properties within that uisca beatha (whisky)? And what of The Book they found alongside it in that cave up on a Scottish Highlands hill? Is it really the music of the spheres, the true meaning of everything, is that really what the disadvantaged Jamie is seeing / reading / understanding? 

From out of the mists of a writer's imagination have appeared answers, you may think important ones, but before bringing things to their stunning (and natural) conclusion I have to be sure that what comes before is relevant and is written down as well as I can write it. I don't know how long this will take but it will be done, God willing.

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