Delia sunbathing

I've recently. been blogging a bit about my wife Delia. This is a ten minute 'impressionist' pastel sketch of her. She is asleep whilst sunbathing in our garden some years ago.

Before we moved to the far north of Scotland, in those innocent days before we learned about skin cancer, Dee was indeed a world class sun worshipper. Lying in the blazing sun smoking cigarette after cigarette was what folk did.

Perhaps oddly enough her current, recently diagnosed bone cancer has nothing whatever to do with the sun - to the best of current klnowledge at least.

The more we learn about cancer and the ways in which it can attack the human physiology the more astonished we are at the enormous complexity of the whole subject. And the more we understand the imprecision of cancer in terms of origination, diagnostics, progrnostics and treatment. No doubt one day all will be revealed. Right now, four long weeks after the firsat hospitalisation we're still struggling to come to terms with it and all its issues.

One thing I will say. If you happen to have any pennies, cents, drachmas, riyals or any other hard currency to spare, they would be extremely spent at Cancer Macmillan

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