Ain't it funny

This is an oil painting c 30 x 25 cm. I executed it  around 1970, the year we moved south as demanded by my career progression, from Lancashire to Hampshire. However it is possible my two lovely girls, Kairen Jane (left) and Julie Elaine may have been younger than the 14/15 and 11/12 indicated by that date.

It is for some reason unfinished. Strange, that. Any painting I didn't like and didn't finish just never survived and this one has, for it hangs today on my office wall at home.

The background stonework surrounds a fireplace I designed and we had installed in our new home at Lee-on-the-Solent. The pictures on the wall are probably of my first wife Joan. And the books? Dixon's 'Gairloch' (so after our first ever holiday in Scotland), Bellamy's 'The Life Giving Sea' and 'Gone With The Wind'. I like the water glass and I think my daughter's are wondering when Dad would let them get up and get on!

42 long and crowded years gone in a flash; a reminder of our brief stay on earth. As Willie Nelson wrote and sang, ain't it funny how time drifts away.

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