A walk in the sunshine

I've often talked of our customary mid-day walk 'to the NATO'. Well, here are a few shots I took during yesterday's ramble up the lochside.But please don't let me give you the impression that such weather is in any way normal, especially at the time of these equinoctal tides. (Half way up in these shots)

Pic 1 shows Kirkhill House, our rented home  in Aultbea. The B&B Dee has been running so successfully has now of course put the shutters up, perhaps temporarily depending on progress with Dee's newly diagnosed cancer.

 The second picture shows the village store (white buildings) and kirk (church - stone buildingon the right)

Dee on one of her usual rocky perches. Here is where we sit eating our sandwiches etc, close by the crumbling remains of a wartime gun emplacement. The land across the water is Isle Ewe - about a mile out into Loch Ewe itself.

And this is a reminder of the quote (probazbly mis-qote) "All the world is beautiful and only Man is vile."

Some bastard - probably military at the end of WW2 when they'd had what they wanted from this area - just left their xxxxxxx earth mover where it broke down and xxxxxxxx off back south. Thank you for nothing, whover you were.

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