One new and one renewed

I've just this week published two new booklets. Actually this first one, An Incomer's Views On Wester-Ross in 24 paintings, poems and narratives is a re-print of the one I originally published in 2008. Thus far it's sold more than 4000 copies. This new version is Print on Demand, beautifully produced full colour in the USA. If you can enlarge to read the back cover (the left hand rectangle) verse it might amuse you ...ISBN 978-0-9555193-0-7
The second cover illustration is of my brand new booklet, A Life in the Highlands - in 24 more paintings, poems and narratives. Yes, this is more of the same. ISBN 978-0-9555193-5-2

£6.99 each booklet, post paid.
I think of my newly published works as birds taking wing for the first time. Glorious freedom. As Michael Caine once said, 'Not many people know about this' - thus far at least - but they will fly forever courtesy of the Net and, who knows to what heights they may aspire ...?

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