Ministry of Nothing

Once upon a time Big Company A bought ownership of Small (but profitable) Company B. Over the following twelve months all of the long time leaders of Company B were fired or made redundant, myself included, and replaced by Company A incomers. Anyone care to guess what happened? Oh yes, for profits read losses. What a surprise.

Mr David Cameron is performing a trick similar to the boss of Company A today. Apparentlly his raison d'etre is to increase this government's popularity and their chances of re-election. What? The team he selected eighteen months ago, who have spent a large part of those eighteen months learning their various functions (i.e. how to navigate their Ministries), is being replaced by a team of learner Ministers. Just what the country needs at this point in time. "Pilot to navigator, where are we?" Navigator to pilot, '"Don't know skip. Trying to find the compass." Pilot to co-pilot, "We're lost. Don't tell the passengers."

I read that changing the cabinet is supposed to make me happier with the government of my country. It does not. It cannot.What needs change is not the faces, old or new, honest or not in the system, but the system itself. After several hundred years it is suffering a severe hardening of the arteries and needs to change as all things must change. Numbers and associated cost of national government representatives, quality of same, location and workstyle - all need to get in tune with what is happening, what is possible, out there in the world as well as what is happening in my village.

This government, indeed no government working the current Westminster system can possibly be expected to become the architect of its own radical change. So who or what can? Well, the people can if democracy is to be more than a convenient word for the status quo. The problem is that it will take a real and painful catastrophe to make the people act. Not simply a fall in our living standards or house prices or who is appointed by some very ordinary, very unimaginative person to run the Ministry of Nothing..

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