A shocking rejoinder!

From the incumbent, I have now received  that which I am forced to consider a most ungracious response to my last letter. You may have seen the copy, for I sent one to you. Perhaps you even read it. It signified and explained my decision to withdraw my name from the Bank of England's selection procedure in respect of the soon to be vacant post of Governor.

Dear Mister Pisshead
Just who the fxxx do you think you are, you Scottish xanker? Pxxx off and die! I think you will henceforward fiind it difficult, well nigh impossible, to obtain employment in any public office right down to tenth in command of Ross-shire's Parks and Gardens Public Toilet Division. So there! I have also mentioned your name in ways most unflattering to all Chairs of the private Banks from here to fxxxxxx Eternity, by way of a brief note sent by Securicor along with their latest  tranches of Quantitivic Easing.(sic)

Signed King
And that don't mean maybe, baby!

It is obvious that I must inadvertently have upset The Lord, and also Lord King if this letter is ought to go by. I am deeply upset. However I thought it good to let you witness it so that you will beware of upsetting those Big Swinging Dicks doing - doing what? Threading their needles in the City? Climbing their Walls in N.Y.? Damn great shufflers of smoke and players with mirrors (and selves, I fear).

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