Requiem for a dead pigeon

For months and months he had been one of the many birds fluttering down to our back lawn, there to feed on Delia's daily offerings of B&B breakfast remains, peanuts and seeds.
And now he's dead, struck down by the beautiful, marauding sparrowhawk who sometimes uses our garden as his own breakfast table.
 We saw him clinically beheaded, de-feathered and eventually carried away with great difficulty, his weight being very little if any less than that of his captor / killer. These feathers all that remain. Sad are we for him. Glad must we be for he who eats and so can live.
All that lives consume and are in turn consumed, whether by living creatures or by fire. And I hope that somewhere there are those of his kind who carry on his genes, those who will carry on to grace our lawn and our lives.

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