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Quote from the speech made by Deputy Prime Mionister Nick Clegg yesterday ... Britain is coping with an economic downturn that is far deeper than anything we expected...

How come, Mr Clegg, when me and most of my friends back in 2007/8 expected it? I myself even blogged about it in these pages, March 2008. This was not a recession, I said, whether of your expected V shape or the dreaded, semi-inconceivable W. It was, I said, the first sign of a healthy society getting ready to realign itself with the world and with reality. Sp this was the L shape that only fools could fail to understand - and, with their constant references to 'The Recovery' still apparently do not understand.

My suspicion is that you and your friends in Westminster, backed up by your old school chums in the City of London, beavering away on computers and soon enough to be paid for so handsomely by the public knew damn well you had engineered a bloody great bubble, and that it was about to burst, big-time. If you had any genuine belief in, or any understanding whatsoever of the virtues of a capitalist society you must have realised that piling up debt upon debt would bring the whole thing crashing down.

But you, whether for lack of honesty or of courage or of intelligence or for reasons of self-interest, you decided to keep schtum and ride out the storm - no matter how much hurt the people you were supposed to be 'governing' would get to experience. Shame on you. By dereliction of duty you have ruined everything  for everybody but your friends in the banks. You cannot mend now that which is beyond repair. 

If there was in fact any such thing as democracy the people would dissolve that which does not work and re-form, re-align, both government and its finance system lapdog. But there is not any such thing as democracy, so let's all grin and bear it. There may be no revolution, sorry John Lennon, but at least you've lost one vote, Clegg and everyone else in the crumbling ivory towers of Westminster.

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  1. Bravo

    Just last night I said something on a similar line to my mom - how come we, as ordinary folk around our dinner table, could see where this was going four or five years back and yet the "powers that rule" still deny it, refuse to look at it...
    refuse to move on and do something that actually works!


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