Questions, questions ...

How do you feel about competitive quizzing? Me, I'm ambivalent. Love it if I win, think up excuses when I lose. 'Was deliberately distracted', 'mistaken answers from the quizmaster', 'impossible questions', 'those guys must be  professional eggheads etc etc'. Just joking, folks. My memory cells may never have been all that data intense (grandfather Islip told me as a twelve year old that I had more imagination than intelligence. I'm still trying to work out whether that's a good or a bad thing. If it's true, that is.
  • Poolewe Supper and Quiz Night on Friday 3rd August. Don't miss it!
  • Raising funds to bring the Cairngorn Reindeer to Poolewe Christmas Market on Saturday 1st December,
  • The Poolewe Christmas Market is in turn a great fundraising market in aide mainly of Dundonnell and Torridon Mountain Rescue Teams
  • Friday 3rd August there's Angle's lovely homemade 2 course supper including homemade banoffee pie, trifle, lemon cheesecake, blackforest gateaux and raspberry ripples for dessert.
  • Just turn up at the door and pay your four person team entry fee (£10)
Dee and I sometimes try to answer the questions on University Challenge. Before the contestants answer, of course. Which means lightning fast. Dee is ahead of me three or four to one. But if I live to be one hundred I will definitely catch up and overtake.

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