Meet Mati (left) and Sorosh (right) Hungarian Vizslas, both deceased these past three years.

We have their pictures on our refrigerator door. Barely a day goes by without us thinking or talking about them - and the big question, should we get more dogs? Dogs, plural, for we believe that a dog is by nature a pack animal and is happiest in company with others of its kind. Yes, we humans can form part of a pack in the mind of a single dog, but still ...

Trouble is that our lives are more crowded these days. Vizslas need hours daily walking outside and off the lead and we have Pictures and Poems to run. Also our home is more crowded now we're running a B&B. Not all our guests are dog lovers and some are even allergic to dogs. And so we will carry on considering ... meanwhile this is the little verse I wrote for the two in the picture - and for us.

Mati and Sorosh

'Only two dogs' you may say, though not to the few
who knew, those with the gift to understand who,
meeting, seeing the life of them, filled to the brim
with all the magic of the things they saw them do
witnessed such grace, yes, as their lights grew dim.

You reached to touch them when they looked at you
watched them run, leap, move soft through undergrowth
and stop to point a bird or greet a dog they knew.
When called by kindly death they were not loathe
to come, and did you feel that goodness, too?

Our old progenitors along the sacred Nile
might better understand than we who have lost touch
with what is now well-hid behind Man’s works so vile
perhaps would know why they were loved, so much,
so much a part of all that lives, that makes life smile.

Mati, Sorosh, still you are …

In a soft night-breeze through moonlit trees
in the red-gold flicker of our Winter fire
(reflecting in your watchful and contented eyes,)
in the green-burst rush of a new summer’s lease
in the light, in the land, in a world at peace.

No goodbyes, you two. Memories will not ever dull
nor nothing mean - will never come to nought.
Sleep you the ages through; death in time annuls
all life. Just thanks for what to us you brought
now in the rising of the sun, in the crying of the gulls.

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