A painting of true worth

This is a painting by our daughter Julie. Portraiture is, I think, the most difficult of the painter's arts, but the subject is most certainly 'captured' in this one.

Quite apart from being the monarch of this realm, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, we all know the lady as a unique and most remarkable person. She has always seemed to me to be the veritable rock around which the vicissitudes of modern life may pound and swirl but do not move. 

Yes, I am a self-confessed royalist. There are times indeed when I think the monarchy a better form of government that the one we now have at such great cost and with such battered repute. You know, the one that spends / wastes so much of the nation's money in downtown Westminster. The one supposed to be by the people for the people but that is today more like by The City for The City, God help us.

Brilliant portrait, Julie. More please! (We have your Lionel the bull on the windowledge to remind us ...)

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