We will reproduce

 I have just read an extremely well researched piece on human population control - the medical solution. (Contraception etc, and in particular the reluctance of females to use it; not males, you understand!)
The problem seems to me to be that such a huge majority of good people do not consider that there is one! This is not a case of the ignorance of the less developed peoples. The overwhelming majority of the developed world also profess not to understand it - or worse, to believe it does not - cannot - must not be a brake on their own  sexual/progenital instincts.
Elected governments that should presumably show leadership are afraid to do so, merely following the majority when it comes to such personal and population matters, especially at election time.
We all know how difficult a subject is population control. How many of us are truly incapable of thinking of this thing subjectively when all that most can or want to 'see' is the loveliness of their own infant off-spring? (In case you are wondering, I speak as the proud father of four, albeit engendered in less knowledgable times). Or in the case of, say Indians and Africans, when all they 'see' is that loveliness plus the number of their offspring who will be there to support them financially and emotionally in their old age?
So the answers cannot lie in the spreading of medical understanding and the private practice of contraception. If there are any answers other than the obviously cataclysmic ones, they must lie in the re-modelling of human instinct, emotion and habit. Without Chinese style government this is probably impossible even for many generations to come - generations that, logically, may not even exist as things are going right now..
I look out every day over a sea loch and the ancient Torridian mountains of Wester-Ross. A landscape unchanged since before the first foot of Man walked this Earth. It will be the same long after our species has either decided to limit itself or disappears forever in the manner of so many other life-forms. The big difference of course is that we are the only species of life on Earth that has been or is now capable of self-control. Just a matter of exercising it!

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