Laugh Out Loud

Like Mr Cameron, until quite recently I didn't appreciate that LOL in an email etc meant Laugh Out Loud. I'd often wondered why folks I hardly knew were sending me Lots Of Love. Nice though.

Last evening LOL really happened. I'm sitting on my own watching a film on telly and for the most part of two hours I really did Laugh Out Loud. What superb entertainment! This movie seems to me in hindsight to be a true expression of the real reason for what people call 'Show Business'. You would be forgiven for thinking its subject is the opposite of funny. There's not much fun in nuclear warfare and the total annihilation of all living things including us. But the creative genius of Stanley Kubrick and Peter Sellers could make funny The Death March In Saul.

So you already know which movie? Yes, it was called Dr Strangelove and it was made in black and white in the year 1964. If there's been anything of its type as good it since then I havn't seen it and would really like to see it. It made me think that our filmakers should get their heads out of cyber space and back into the hearts and souls of actual human beings. We don't bite and we do want to be amused. 

The thing is, Dr Strangelove could actually have happened, in which case I wouldn't be writing this nor you reading it. And it still could.

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