It's a beautiful world

Father's Day - messages coming in from all quarters including an e-mail from our son who is a driller on an oil rig off the West Coast of Africa. I just had to share it with you ...

'Also, saw a sight that i shall never forget..... Basically we were being towed by two large tugs tethered to us by 2 x 4" steel hawsers. On Friday morning at day break i was walking between the two anchor points for the hawsers and happened to look over the side, and there, twenty feet from the rig were two huge black marlin. One was about 700lb and the other was that elusive Hemingway monster, 'The Grander'..... A fish well over a 1000 lb! I stood and watched them in total awe for about twenty minutes. Very strange, they're not normally associated with this dolphins like behaviour, riding the sub-sea wave created by the wash. I have a theory that they had been herded down the corridor created by 500m long hawsers. Similar to the sweeps of a pair trawl, whereas the fish, rather then go over or under the line / sweep / hawser will choose to swim until exhausted and then fall back into the trawl.. Anyway, they eventually shot off back up the corridor unharmed, hopefully never to be seen again - Unless of course i happen to be fishing on some gin palace of the Seychelles!!!'

How wonderful is that! My response ...   

hThat's fantastic, Stu. Very very few black chaps of that size have ever been landed on rod and line. I shall now download Hem's 'The Old Man And The Sea' on my new Kindle (fantastic machine). Re-aquaint myself with the beautiful little yarn that won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Your e-mail took me right there.

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