Weasel, stoat, otter, rabbit

Today a weasel watched us. No, I don't mean we watched him, he watched us. Or was he or she a stoat? Grey/brown fur, pale creamy bib,  twentyfive centimetres in lenghth including tail, give or take. We were sitting in the sun in our usiual picnic spot close by the crumbling remnants of a WW2 gun emplacement, sea Loch Ewe quietly eroding shards of concrete ten metres away.

Out of the corner of my eye a movement! I see him, neck upstretched, standing stock still, blackbead eyes observing our every minute action. And then he was gone, only to reappear from a hole in the rubble even closer to us. And then he was gone to reappear no more.

What was he doing here, almost at the edge of the tide? Searching for birds nests I would guess. Great eaters of eggs are these muscalids. Or rabbits perhaps were his quarry. There are some of those around here. Anyway I hope for his sake that his big brother the otter doesn't catch him on his territory. The weasel may be weight for weight reputed as amongst the fiercest of fighters in the animal world. I have seen one strangling to death a big buck rabbit twenty times its own weight. But an otter is another kettle of fish altogether. No contest.

Must remember to take my camera on these lunchtime walks of ours.

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