Mr Dickens and I (me?)

There’s nothing new under the sun? Maybe, but there’s plenty that’s new to me or you or the great majority of us.

On the first day of each month throughout 2011 I published, free, through a fifteen minute (around 3000 words) fictional short story written from scratch over the preceding thirty days. Then, in January this year I self-published the complete collection, calling it ‘Twelve of Diamonds’. In paperback first, ref. ISBN 978-0-9555193-4-5 and now as an e-book via the mighty Amazon’s mighty Kindle. So there sits my work, it has to be said going nowhere particularly fast, alongside my two full length novels, one other collection of short stories and my booklet, ‘An Incomer’s Views On Wester-Ross in 24 Paintings, Poems and Narratives’.

A good number of subscribers asked me to continue this monthly short story idea into 2012. But, perhaps suffering an excess of Hogmanay over-confidence, perhaps from the well known been-there-done-that syndrome I decided, like Monty Python, now for something different.

Since January this year I’ve been writing a brand new novel, publishing it free of charge to subscribers via my website. On the last day of each month the whole novel in progress wings its way out through cyber space with all new chapters added to the re-edited previous ones. 

Yes, pretty much as Mr Dickens did it in 1836; i.e. in instalments. Pickwick Papers - although of course on paper. As I was saying, there really is little new under the sun. My new novel is provisionally entitled, The Book.

What’s it about? It’s about a book, a very special one. And its effect on the family of its finder. Read it and let me know what you think. Charles Dickens’ wife’s dentist certainly did - and look what happened to Pickwick Papers!

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