A letter to my sister

 My lovely sister Maureen wrote to me, saying amongst other stuff that two of her sons had been made redundant of late. I don't think she'll mind my sharing my response with you ...
"Yes indeed, M, life does continue 'interesting'!
Although our B&B and our P&P micro businesses continue to do OK, even up here there is much talk of recession as visitor numbers fall and for many the stuff of ordinary life becomes less affordable.
It pleasures me not that I have been forecasting this for fifteen years. For me the old Mr Micawber adage was always incontestible. (Earn one pound, spend one penny less ... happiness ... one penny more, result misery', etc) The only thing in a capitalist society built for sure out of borrowings is the usurer's (banker's) fortune.
I actually wrote a blog in March (I think) 2008 about the 'recession' being not a 'recession' or even a 'depression' but more of a 'positive realignment' - negative growth being signs that the good medicine is working. I'm afraid that the sins of the West have to be expunged from western society by this negative growth and that negative growth hurts many people whose lives have been built in all innocence upon the expectation that things will always keep going and growing. Which of course we all know is the exact opposite of the first law of nature!. (What goes up must come down.) The alternative to this negative growth is the final breakdown of our capitalist society with all the chaos, anarchy and real pain not to say extinction that this would cause. There's a huge difference between coming down and collapsing.
The people in power know this very very well  But where is the politician who has the balls to tell the painful truth and to legislate against our feral consumption? Our Westminster system - which by the way is quite the opposite of a democracy as the Greeks invented it - unfortunately makes such a visionary leader (the only leaders whole populations will ever really follow) into an impossibility.
Back to reality ... glad you could read my latest chapters of The Book. Am writing chaper seven / eight right now ... and it is Hogmanay in Aberloch!

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