If you need to know, just Go (with Gabriel)

This is the back cover blurb on the paperback edition of my novel 'Going with Gabriel' ISBN 978-0-9555193-1-4 from Amazon  .... 0r buy it for peanuts as an e-book

Are there simply too many of us? Are we trying to grab much, much more from our planet than our planet has to give? Many of us would agree with Gabriel, would know by now that these most acute of problems reach out to threaten every form of life on earth, even our own. But then in all probability we would quickly forget about them. Solutions seem either unavailable or unacceptable.

On the other hand … Dr Gabriel Nicolson has long escaped from the frightening reality of his team’s bio-scientific discovery into the anonymity of the streets; into the world of his first love, that of music.

Going with Gabriel is a powerfully intertwined story about an exceptional talent and a man’s conscience and about freedom and the lack of it, love and no love, celebrity and anonymity. This is a truly thought-provoking literary adventure. 


Going with Gabriel is a thoroughly good read but also carries a serious message - it provides a ‘wake up call’ as to the consequences of man’s failure to adequately control human population growth ... I earnestly hope that this book goes some way to undermining the taboo that prevents public discussion of socially acceptable ways to limit our numbers before the fiction of  ‘Going with Gabriel’ becomes a reality.

Paul Burgoyne, Ph.D,F.Med.Sci
(UK) MRC Research Group Leader working on the link between sex chromosome anomalies and infertility.


“Going With Gabriel” delves into a subject which seems to be something of a taboo, despite being one of the most serious threats facing humanity in the 21st century.

The story moves along at a rhythmical pace following the musical Gabe as he moves from place to place with his songs, his penny-whistle and his accompanist pal Sonny. His talent gets him noticed wherever he plays but his desire for anonymity prevents him from staying in one place. Relationships, the media, greedy opportunists, secret organisations and his past life all conspire to bring him out into the open and force him into making some difficult decisions.

This is a well written book from an author previously unknown to me. Islip manages to keep a non-scientist like myself interested in the scientific technicalities and, at the same time, retain a poetic feel befitting of the song-writing lyricist Gabriel.

My only real gripe is the underlying religious zeal that some of the characters display, which at best is unnecessary, and at worst seems unrealistic given their profession and the work they are undertaking, which would surely make such beliefs unlikely. Maybe my atheistic mind is getting the better of me here, and anyhow the impact of this on the whole story wasn’t enough to spoil my enjoyment.

Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable holiday read and raises important questions that mankind is going to have to face up to sooner rather than later.

Reviewer on Goodreads - John Webb 

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