Eating, drinking, loving, painting

Here's a picture in oils I painted a few years ago for a local cafe. Canvas size 30 x 40 cms. It hangs on my office wall now - unsold at £550. I look at it often, and at its companion picture ('White wine - have an apple') and at a third picture, ('A glass of port at tThe Blueprint Cafe'), and the fourth of this series ('Touching hands, drinking coffee').

Something about eating and loving? Probably. Very difficult to sit opposite one of the opposite gender being well served good provender without being filled with tender thoughts and warm feelings as well as with the satisfying taste of  food and wine. And oh, that electric touch of the fingers, the knee, the foot! Accidental of course, or on purpose as the case may be.

There is something about wet oil paint: the feel of it on the brush; the way it sits on the canvas retaining its shape and texture, its brilliant shine; just the sheer look of it when squeezed from the tube on the palette and when mixed there to colour match your vision.

The use of oil-bound paint to create your very own version (some might say imitation) of things created by Man or greater things by God. Thinking about it I can almost taste it.

However for 'painting' Scottish Highlands landscapes I almost always employ pastels. Totally different experience. Pure pigment rubbed off the stick on to ultrafinegranukated cork paperboard, colour mixed on the sheet by finger tips. Simply luscious! See this ... one of my favourite favourites in pastel ... whoops! Actually this is not a Highlands landscape, it's called 'Dawn Waters' and thereby hangs a serious tale, not for nere, now. However I hope you get the picture!

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