Rejoice this lovely day

'It is who we become that changes the world, not what we do.'

Interesting blogsite, interesting piece, Betty.Your friend and mine, Michelle Frost, alerted me to it.
Not to say controversial, especially in the quoted headline. Controversy of course is the spice of life so let me try some of my own  ...

'We' don't become anything. We are as we are, our genetic makeup unalterable; the same from birth to death. We cannot alter ourselves and should not try to do so for therein lies great unhappiness.

Nobody changes the world, either. Not Einstein, not mother Theresa, not Jesus Christ nor Mohammad, not a codfish swimming in the deep nor a three thousand years old yew tree standing in a churchyard.

Homo Sapiens is but a species as transient as are and were and will be other life species. All of them contain the genetic seeds of their own destruction and in the fullness of time we and they are no more ...

Meantime we all, of course, will try to 'change the world' or at least the tiny part of it called Mankind. We will try to do so via bending the thoughts and opinions and lifestyles of him and of her and of them. But such efforts will create more unhappiness as surely as clouds create rain.

In spite of us, this world (i.e planet Earth) will change - for like all things that live (and this planet is as much alive as anything else that moves and breathes) is has a time to be and a time not to be.

Rejoice in what you were, are and will be; and in what you do with yourself this lovely day. Rejoice in the world as it is. It is what you have, all that you have; such a wonderful miracle so far beyond your, or my own comprehension. It is enough. To ask your mind for more is akin to asking your thermometer to tell you the colours of the sun.

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