I'm a believer

There is a rather lovely local legend about a massive hen salmon caught in the nearby river Ewe some one hundred years ago. If true - and I have no reason to doubt it - this fish was of a set of dimensions fit to eclipse Mrs Georgina Ballantynes's famous rod caught UK record of 64lbs, caught on the river Tay  in 1922 and still unbeaten. 

This story has featured in a local history booklet, written I believe by the grandson of an actual witness. It seems that a local lad went down to the river one spring evening with rod and line, hooked the monster and brought it to the gaff after a three hour struggle. In those days the angling was strictly for sustenance rather than for sporting fame and glory. The giant was at once cut up and shared out between Poolewe residents, so we shall never be sure ... and Mrs Ballantyne record lives on.

They say that fish can sense and are actually attracted by human female pheronomes but that sounds like a bunch of male sour grapes to me. Personally I can easily empathise with the fish. I am a believer.

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