Going with Gabriel

Sometimes you hear a voice in the darkness that knows the way - and knows what you are saying. This lady - Michelle Frost - who I've never met except through her brilliant novel 'First Light' - posted this review on the new website Books Uncaged and through that on Facebook....

Going with Gabriel is an entertaining thought-provoking story. On the surface it's a thriller - an adventure story, but beneath that lie some very deep and urgent questions about us as a species and our future on this planet.
The main character of this book is Gabriel, a wandering musician desperately trying to stay unknown and invisible. He's just another homeless wanderer, busking with friends as he travels from town to town... but who was Gabriel? What is he running from? 
With the name of an angel and a lifestyle exceptionally human,  Gabriel has made a choice fit to make the angels tremble...
I'm pasting some of my review for Amazon here:
Gabriel's survival may lie in staying invisible, but his magical musical talent makes that near impossible. As he weaves the people he meets into his songs, he tries to keep them from being woven into his heart, but is that possible? Gabriel seems to be hiding from his past, but is he actually trying to run away from his future... How long before the secrets he is running from finally catch up with him? Where is Gabriel really going and does he have any choice?

Gabriel's secret fears are not the stuff of fantasy, they are based on genuine concerns facing this planet as we sit here reading. That's what makes this book more than merely an enjoyable adventure story - the research that Bryan Islip has used to place his fiction upon a foundation of fact.

Whether you agree with Gabriel's choices, or are appalled by his decisions, this book is bound to change the way you look at the world... and that, in my opinion, is the sign of a really good story!
It's been over a year since I wrote that review and I still find myself thinking about Gabriel. I find myself wanting to pick it up and read it again, for the pleasure of Bryan's descriptions of Gabriel's travels as much as for the twists to the plot. Would I go with Gabriel? I really don't know, but I do know his choices have altered how I look at the world around me.
And that is exactly what makes the difference between a casual read and a good book. A good book makes you think, it stays with you... it's the one you want to read again.  
Going with Gabriel is available through on-line or in store bookshops ISBN 978-0-9555193-1-4  or through http//www.bryanislipauthor.com

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