I am often asked about how a particular Highlands landscape painting came about - what led me to that subject, and my interpretation in pastels of that subject.
On top left is a collage of photographs of a view in certain weather conditions at a certain time of year across Applecross Bay. Below right is the finished picture - one of my more popular ones in fact, and often sold as a print or a card. See my website .

You can see how I've included the houses almost as an afterthought which is what they actually are, if you think about it. You may also see how I have changed the weather conditions, therefore the light effect, thereby accentuating the colours. I prepared the collage specially for The Image Studio here in Mellon Charles, where Adrian and Katie kindly invited me to mount a storyboard to illustrate the link between eye, camera, mind and hand.

Whenever I paint a Scottish Highlands landscape I compose a verse; something that occurs about perhaps the history or my personal experience in connection with that particular work. For instance ...

a'Chromraich (Applecross)

Breathtaking, truly,
when you climb the twisting heights
of Belach na Ba (Pass of the Cattle)
first see the drop down into Applecross
look over the sea to Raasay, Skye
and think of Saint Maelrubha,
Irish monk, coming here by oar and sail
thirteen hundred turning years ago
with holy messages for Pict and Gael

'a'Chromraich' the Gaels called this place
'The Sanctuary' to me and you
and that is what it is, Applecross,
this lovely shelter from the storm,
from life's hard race
a race from where to where who knows?
who knows of where went
St Maelrubha's grace?

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