The fact of writing fiction

I have in recent days been studying a few things pretty well new to me. For instance VaR (value at risk), the disability called spina bifida, the ancient history of the Jews, how to distill uisca beatha (whisky to you and me).

Having reached the age of seventy seven one might be forgiven for thinking enough is enough of learning stuff - even if my guide and mentor Ernest Hemingway said something along the lines of "... the little new that each one learns from life is very valuable, in fact the only thing of  value they have to leave to those who come after." I think he must have been quite right although the immediate legatees would probably not see it that way.

So why this recent voyage of discovery? Because I'm writing a novel provisionally called The Book and if it is to have any value, much less the value I believe it must and will have, my fictional imagination has to take wing from the hard rock of hard fact.

You can read the story so far. and subscribe free thereon.

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