Eden Camp and Camp David

We spent a whole morning at Eden Camp near Moulton in Yorkshire. Odd thing to do on holiday you may well be thinking, because Eden Camp is a very comprehensive world war two museum within some 24 old huts where Italian prisoners of war were housed.

These numbered huts constitute an excursion through all the phases of that awful episode in our never less than turbulent history. The growth and full fruition of naziism, food and clothes and petrol rationing, the accelerated technology of killing machinery in the air and on the ground and sailing the seas. And of course the consequent death and destruction and the disruption of so many millions of  innocent lives (plus those not so innocent.) Definitely, you will think, not the right tone and tenor for holiday viewing.

You would be wrong! Now, I am old enough to be able to recall - however vaguely - those so-called dark days of wartime. In my memory and reflected at Eden Camp there was much laughter, much singing of uplifting songs, a great deal of help-thy-neighbour and a near invisibility of the latterday get-rich-quick syndrome. I think it is that we had something that everybody knew was worth fighting and if necessary dying for - and against.

My outstanding memory of Eden Camp is of hut 6 - 'The Music Hall' where you could sing along with Vera Lynn with all the wartime songs. 'Run Rabbit Run,' 'We'll Meet Again', etc. The place was packed with small schoolchildren singing along with good old Vera! They must have been pre-taught the tunes and the words. Although there was a puppet show to conduct them and kareoki style words on the wall ... they must have been taught ... just brilliant.

You have to hope the children of all nationalities have learned the lessons of history although I have to doubt it. There are two men, unborn in WW2, in a huddle over there in the States right now, and guess what they are contemplating?

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