A brief Yorkshire holiday

We've just spent a few days holiday down on the Yorkshire coast. Wonderful. So much to do and to see, pubs with good music and Man Utd in action, small but perfectly formed hotel close by Scarborough seafront. 'The Raincliffe' is one to visit and visit again. Katherine is the perfect hostess, always with time to chat, nothing too much trouble, unstinted Yorkshire breakfast (for those who need all that), confortable room with en suite, TV et al. Whilst we were there it didn't even rain on The Raincliffe!

We took a long walk along the sea front past the harbour and Marine Drive. Some of the shops and cafes were already open although of course the proper holiday season had not yet started up. We live overlooking the sea - or at least sea loch Ewe - but there's something about looking out over the limitless North Sea. We also have lots of seabirds here but there's something about watching the early nesters wheeling and sitting up there on Scasrborough's imposing, castle topped cliffs.

Takes you back to your childhood if you're anything like our age. The excitement as you piled into the car or on the train. 'Sixpence for the first one to see the sea' we always declared. That is of course before everyone jumped on an airplane heading for sunny Spain. Why? The heat? Well personally I can't see that, having lived for long month after never ending month in countries where the sky was never anything but blue, where there was little or no no green to the land, where you felt it difficult to continue working or doing anything much but siesta-ing after mid-day.

Whitby we enjoyed tremendously; had a memorable lunch there. Dover sole simply exquisite for me, fresh from the ocean dressed crab for Dee. We walked up the pier to talk with the fishermen because that's what I myself would have been doing (casting my bait out from the harbour wall) when I was much younger and the boys were very young. How vivid the memories; thrill of massive big seas rearing up to dowse us all as they hit the wall, the beauty of a wide-mouthed codling, all fabulous green and browns and silver whites, being reeled up for passing strangers to admire, fingers freezing cold as you put several fat mussels on your hook, tied them on with elastic thread.

Then we went to Filey and to Bridlington and inland to Moulton and that simply marvellous WW2 museum called Eden Camp ... but that's for another day.

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