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I'm now numbered amongst the millions who go nowhere without their Kindle. The device is so easy to use, so innocuous a travelling companion, so, well, valuable. For me it's one of the brightest stars of this digital age, a perfect bridge between what was in the way of life-enhancing literature and whatever the hell is to come. I'm sure that many people will be doing more reading and less of the pointless timespend things than ever they used to.

But what of my initial choices - all of Hemingway's short fiction and a thriller high on Amazon's bestseller list? The Hemingway is a re-read (latest of many) and perfect as always for dipping into and out. The thriller is bollocks - a total wate of $2.99. Badly written, formulaic, just a nasty tale with liberal and gratuitous doses of the old S&P. Read five pages, binned it.

I've bought Roth's 'Everyman' instead and am well into it. As always with Mr Roth it's nicely composed, no holds barred, "an everday story of NY Jewish folk" (apologies to The Archers). Good.

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