And now for somethig different

It's very early to be out there selling calendars for year 2013 but that's what I was doing Thursday and Friday last week.

Of course after spending an inordinate amount of creative and admin time in getting this thing all up together for yourself and business partners Eoghain & Susan Maclean you could be forgiven for holding your breath a touch when unveiling the finished masterpiece in front of hard nosed shopkeepers, whether new to you or not. But I had no need to worry. This 'Unique Picturebook Scottish Highlands Landscape and Wildlife Calendar 2013' was received better by some way than any product I have shown around the shops of Wester-Ross since Pictures and Poems came into being in 2004.

How very important it is, these days, to be able to offer the great buying public something not only of as high a quality as anything else, or better, but something that's visibly different; so that those who choose to hang it on their kitchen wall (or in this case, living room wall) experience a different and more rewarding journey through the whole of those twelve long months of their lives to come. £8.50 or $13.50 plus postage must be good value,

It's the combination of painting and photography, of the land and the life and the little accompanying stories to each painting or photograph. There's nothing like this calendar out there. That's why the comparison with hot cakes is for once an apt one.

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