The script, the script, the script

I started to watch the BBC's much vaunted 'Kidnap and Ransom' the other evening. I say 'started' because after half an hour of hoping it might get better I switched off. This is obviously a personal view - and one not necessarily shared in our home - but I can't believe I was the only switcher-off.

Why? The Beeb had clearly spent a lot of money - our money - on this production. It was set in downtown India and featured several top rated 'stars' including Trevor Eves who was his usual mouth-open in astonishment, over expressive, urbanely hair-do'd Trevor Eves whether in a forensic science lab or a Delhi backstreet.

But it wasn't the acting / overacting that put me off. It wasn't even the mean streets, vehicles, or people. It was the utter unbelievability of the developing story and the crazy backwards and forwards staccato of the story's presentation.

'You can't write a song if you ain't got nothin' to say', sang Willie Nelson. This story had little to say and was saying it very badly. It was supposed to be thrilling. I would have found it laughable but for the ridiculous waste of, well, everything.

Alfred Hitchcock once was asked what were the most important elements of a good film. His response: 'The script, the script, the script.'

Who the hell at the Beeb (and even more at ITV) is selecting and funding these TV monstrosities? I cannot believe they've ever read a good book in their lives. There are literally millions of good stories out there. All TV (and film) has to do is tell it like it damn well is! No tricks.

Please. Please.

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