An otter pottering

Yesterday we watched an otter pottering about not three metres from where we sat eating our picnic lunch. Regular readers will know we often sit on the broken concrete remnants of the WW2 observation post up near what is today the NATO pier on Loch Ewe.

Up until then the day had not been perfect. You know how it is when a string of little things go awry and nothing you do turns out to be as straighforward as you had every right to expect. Anyway as we sat mostly in silence amongst the boulders and concrete Dee nudged me and I looked up and there she was. A real white chinned beauty, supposedly a female to judge by her size in comparison to other otters we have observed close up.

She was in no hurry. All the beach stones on her route received special attention. Her fur glistened brown umber in the winter sunshine, a perfect match with the half tide seaweed littered shore. We watched her as she went away from us towards Aultbea. Perambulating is the best word for it. Sometimes rolling on to her back. Gradually disappearing with distance until she was there no more. We guessed she had returned to the loch to search for crabs and little fishes.

And suddenly our day was perfect.

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