A message for David Cameron.

A message for yet another London P.M. with a Scottish ancestry ... I am English by birth and Scottish by adoption so I can see the picture better than most.

An independent Scotland would re-industrialise itself. Make no mistake, the future world-wide is in local production. The days when we all send and bring the goods we need to and from far and wide are over. Scotland and its people have the energy, (both physical and cultural), the creativity and the opportunity to re-industrialise. Size of population means nothing or, if overlarge, even worse than nothing. It's brains, imagination, courage and character that will count in future. Not the smoke and mirrors of your precious self-seeking so-called financiers.

World standing? Scotland even today has a higher 'respect and popularity' rating world-wide than an England riven by years of City corruption, (yes that does include London based RBS and HBOS), spurious multi-culturalism, systemic wear and tear and a hugely destructive bias towards the south and London over everywhere else.

The defence argument is plain nonsense, David. Strong, moral societies should not fear the enemy within, they absorb and convert them, so do not need secret services expensively leaching away everyone's right to privacy. And such sociteies will never need to attempt to subjugate foreign peoples, to try to change the ways in which other people choose to live.

Above all, Scotland, David cameron, is historically A NATION, with characteristics and a worth all of its own and different to those of its neighbour. True? Ask the Irish. Read some Robert Burns. And do remember, Scotland was only unionised by England through the back door in the first place.

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