Difference is all, difference in all

We’re now some 8,000 words into my novel in progress, provisionally entitled The Book.

I’m writing the story through the mind and all the senses of Marie Mortlock, wife of redundant, accident prone Ben and mother of gifted, disabled Jamie. Oh, and daughter Zara who is away at University. She will not loom large until in the later chapters.

But the boy Jamie is about to come into full focus. It’s not easy to endow him - believably - with all the characteristics I have in mind. Much more research to do. But I enjoy the creation of characters as much as anything else in the writing of fiction.

It’s just brilliant when the characters stop being characters and start being living, breathing, warts and all people. Just like you and me? 

No. We’re all different, just as no two human fingerprints are the same, just as no two snowflakes are the same, just as no two bodies of the billion trillion in our universe are the same. That’s the way we and all things were created. That's the wonder of it.

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