Catch up: Novel for 2012, calendar for 2013

No blogs = out of action: part me, with a viral attack conquered only with the help of Dr Penicillin; part my machine, also suffering a viral attack, curable this time only by Dr West of Achnasheen.

Anyway, have been struggling with chapter two of my novel in embryo 'The Book'. Chapter One left Marie Mortlock sitting in the heather high (and lost) on Beinn Toborach, paralysed with fear, her husband Ben having fallen over a cliff edge and lying immobile. The other main player, their disabled 13 years old son Jamie Mortlock, hasn't even entered the novel up to now. He's still down in Birmingham. But what about the long abandoned whisky still they'd stumbled across? What about the lovely old usica beatha, and what about the mysterious book therein? Anyway chapter two will provide more questions and some answers when it goes out to subscribers via on 29th February.

The other major undertaking right now concerns our 2013 calendar, this time a combined operation incorporating  my landscape paintings with Eoghain Maclean's acclaimed Highlands wildlife photos, plus narratives to tell you all the how, where and why. Below see a poor phot of the cover .... £8.50 - whilst stocks last!! Special note: it says on this cover, 'CREATED, PRINTED AND PRODUCED ENTIRELY IN SCOTLAND'. Why should it say that? Because almost all calendars calendars sold in the UK are printed and produced in China or India, which leaves a very, very ungreen footprint and a hole in our economy, does it not, "NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND"?

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