Books and Stories

I've just ordered my first 'e-books' on my new Kindle (present from Herself). What books? The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway (£8 odd - saving of £12 v the paper book) and a thriller by an unknown that has risen to number five on Amazon's e-books bestseller list. (£1.99) I'm as excited as a boy with a new toy.

Recently I managed to re-edit and successfully installed my own first novel, 'More Deaths Than One' into the Kindle 'Book Store'. You can read it for a couple of pounds. I'll present my Kindle verdict on here once I've 'used' the thing.

Am I prejudiced one way or the other? No. There are books and there are stories, no longer necessarily the same thing. I love them both.

Meanwhile chapter two of my novel in the making - The Book - has today winged its cybernatic way out to all FOC subscribers on . As I've said before, if Charles Dickens could do it a bit at a time - albeit on paper in a monthly magazine - why shouldn't I? A cat can look at a king, right?

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