2013 ???

Very soon I'll be on my rounds of Wester-Ross shops, hopefully to stock them up with our 'Pictures and Poems' greetings cards, prints and of course the calendar which is this year (that is, selling 2012 a calendar for 2013) a joint effort with my pastel landscapes and Eoghain Maclean's beautiful wildlife photographs
I'm looking forward to meeting once again with our friends in the gift shops, galleries, camp and caravan sites, general stores etc up and down this rugged, ragged, sparsely populated coastline. It's as if the area is coming out of hibernation, stretching itself for another busy season of incoming tourists. Many of these come back here year after year, as we did ourselves before we decided to migrate north, so it will be good to see them as well.

I'm handling the retail shops here in the west Highlands and Eoghain is breaking new ground with those over in the east, plus many direct to the public markets. In addition I've presented this 'Unique Three-in-one Picturebook Calendar' (paintings, photos and narratives) to some of the UK'sbiggest retail chains. You never know, Don Quixote might topple the windmill. He will never know if he doesn't try.

Must remember to take the 2012 calendar off our Pictures and Poems website and substitute this 3013 effort.

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