A Time For Change

With our granddaughter Ella and her friend Lior here on a rare visit we saw out our Hogmanay in the Ocean View Hotel just up the road. Our visitors had flown up to Inverness, where they hired a car and did the eighty miles across the hills for the very first time in the pitch black. A new experience for Londoners, not seeing many if any cars and just a handful of houses on their way. 

The ceilidh was brilliant. We've never seen such a gathering of partygoers up here. Most of them we knew by sight if not always by name. Music live and good and loud, even louder craic, queuing three deep at the bar, piles of 'stovies' on offer - if you're a Highlander you know the formula.

Although there doesn't seem a great deal of logic in celebrating January the first (every day being the start of another year if you think about it) I reckon it's just as well we do find grounds for celebration. Counteracts all the trials and tribulations, the slings and the arrows of everyday life for everyman / woman.

A time for new resolutions and, this particular year above all years, a time for lifestyle change - or at least the recognition of the need for lifestyle change. Hard to admit that the past x decades have seen us all rushing  Gaderine swine-like towards what is now very evidently a dangerously high cliff edge - but very, very necessary to understand it.

We in the UK should not have to hear this kind of undiluted truth only from the likes of Angela Merkel. We after all elect our governments in the expectation that it will be they who are capable of seeing the big picture, and understanding it, and conveying it faithfully to us - as opposed to feeding us with their feel-good placebos,  their suicidal 'quantitative easing' etc etc.

Problem: too many of we, too greedy folk for these poor old islands and our poor old social systems to bear. It's time we faced it, as our forebears always have in the past. Nothing to fear except fear itself.

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