A Nation Once Again

As an adopted Scot I applaud Mr Salmond. He seems, to me, to be by quite some way the most astute political thinker in what is now The United Kingdom. His second in command is not far behind. I shall most certainly vote for full independance. At least the forward plan for separation from Westminster will be public and straightfoward, unlike the Act of Union (1710) in the first place, which was agreed on behalf of all Scotland by stealth and by a few with strictly commercial interests.

No, Mr Cameron, the issue of Scotland's independence will not be decided by 'years of wrangling in the Courts' (By the way, whose Courts had you in mind? Scottish? EEC? Not English, surely). It will be decided by the Scottish people under International Law. And no, Mr Cameron, the people of this proud race will not decide the issue on the basis of the pluses and minuses of next year's faltering economics. It will be decided on the basis of A Nation Once Again. You have a Scottish name. Attend any Burns Supper in a few days time and you will begin to understand that. Surely you in England have enough on your plate trying to reform your crippled parliamentary system without obstructing other folk' efforts.

I do most fervently hope that, when the break comes Scotland will retain the monarchy. Whether or no, it will not affect my vote.

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