Exciting times

Well, here we go again: 'Happy New Year' we all bid each other, and quite right too. But we all know 2012 will not be an easy year. Those of us with half an ear to the ground will understand that we need to get used to the idea of  the life style changes now necessary if we are to preserve or to re-discover the substance - the best - of our traditional way of life.

Personally I'm looking for someone amongst our number (apart from old Vince Cable) to stand up, tell us all the unvarnished truth and get on with the task of taking apart and re-assembling that which we have all colluded so recklessly in putting together over the post WW2 years. It is endangering our nation's physical and mental health and by the way, with it, the wellbeing of  'our' planet. No, Mr Cameron, this is not just a matter of 'reducing the deficit (so why are you borrowing from the banks another £150 billion or so in this second year of your term?) it is a question of eliminating the national debt itself and eschewing ALL future borrowings.

In order to make any kind of headway with this, Mr Cameron, you need to make massive savings in the bloated NHS, and the equally bloated 'educational system' and the equally bloated Defence industry - you've already made a good start on the bloated Civil Service. With the money saved you need to build factories that make things (instead of leaching out your trreasury on the importation of them), factories that employ people who will pay  taxes. It matters not one jot who owns these factories so long as they are run with maximum efficiency. It doesn't even matter if you sell the product abroad so long as it is needed and affordable at home. You must cut out the squanderous importation of those very same goods that so often were invented right here in these intellectually capable islands.

Yes, your friends in The City will squeal and run. For God's sake let them! They have forgotten their true role in society at large and now apparently exist only to nurture the spend and lend disease that you are - or should be - now trying to cure. There really is nothing complex about looking after other folks' money.

And if you can't do any of  this, fuse GB into the Euro. Because Angela Merkel can! And for that, you and all of us should all get down on our knees and apologise to the millions of  young Brits who lost their lives or their health in two world wars in order to protect that which we spoiled children have so prodigally thrown away.

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