An Embrionic Novel

I've just finished the first chapter of a third novel. My novels are always centred around a single, macro theme. No particular reason or logic for this. Some if the most powerful novels have been beautifully written with the opposite - micro - themes. All of Jane Austen's, all of James Joyce's, most of Ernest Hemingway's for instance. I'm simply following my personal instinct, which is to try to make a difference in the way my reader thinks. And I'm trying to do that using this language with which we have been blessed to its fullest and most satisfyingly musical advantage. 

Yesterday I partnered Mike Webber on his Two Lochs Radio ( ) program, Sunday Brunch. He asked the listeners to call in with their nominated 'best books', then out of the blue asked me to define the criteria for anybody's 'best book'. A pretty fast ball that, although one I have had plenty of mental practice with. 'Your best book is the one that changed the way you think about your life, perhaps even the way you live', was my answer. Mike accepted that but went on to exclude from listeners' thinking those books that set out with the sole purpose of changing lives; books such as, pre-eminently, The Holy Bible.

The theme for this third novel emerged from the final two short stories of my twelve 'stories of the month, 2011' (now published in paperback as 'Twelve of Diamonds' ISBN 978-0-9555193-4-5 ). These stories were all sent out to subscribers free of charge on the first day of each month last year via my website .  I'm now thinking of sending out, similarly free of charge this new novel, brought up to date on the last day of each month in 2012. Why? Two reasons: (1) It will keep my nose to a very difficult, perhaps even an impossible grindstone, (2) perhaps my readers will feed in critiques and suggestions that help me and my new book along the road.

So far as I know this has not been done in any serious way. Would you be interested? Let me know? e-m or comment here. I'll also send this message to last year's list of subscribers, so please forgive me if you receive it twice.

The theme (not the title) for this embryo of a novel is The Second Coming.

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  1. interesting idea, Bryan.

    GOOD LUCK with the new book. I'm trying to get the ideas for my book 2 onto "paper". So many reasons to procrastinate and in fairness to myself my fingers truly are a bother


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