e-reading: ready steady go!

For some while I've been wondering about e-books: should I go to the time and trouble of learning how to upload my novels so that they can be read electronically? The other day I read an article in The Guardian about a young lady in the USA who had written five books without being able to interest either any publisher or any agent. So she he put one of them on Amazon's market leading Kindle. Up to date she has made herself a cool two and a half million dollars and now has juicy contracts for the paperback versions with two of the  publishers who had so often turned her down..

Well, case closed! I've just finished doing the learning bit. I'm informed I have successfully put my first novel, More Deaths Than One, ISBN 978-0-9555193-2-1 on Kindle. It should be in the Kindle Store soon so if you yourself have a Kindle you can buy it for (if I remember correctly) £2.50 or $3.99. Don't quote me on that but I should know, having set the pricing myself!. Must check. I'm tied to Amazon on this e-book thing for 90 days but after that, Sony and every other e-reader comes next. And all my other paperback books will have their much less expensive electronic twins on offer.

I've often compared a self-publisher selling his or her novels to a person trying to swim up a waterfall. Perhaps, if the novel and the word of mouth is as effective as I reckon it might be, this e-diversion might become my much needed / deserved 500 h.p. outboard.

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