Bad British Good Danish

Can anybody tell me what the hell has happened to British TV Drama? I'm not talking soap opera here, (probably as good as anything if you like that stuff), just plain old drama. You know, that which can transport you into a different world and leave you feeling you gained something in return for your time and attention and for the actual experience.

Recently we watched Danish TV's Thrillers series The Killing (One and Two) and now we are well into their 'Borgen' political drama. Just brilliant, all three, subtitles or no. By comparison things like Wire in the Blood, Great Expectations, Downton Abbey etc etc seem trivial and contrived beyond reason. What's wrong, BBC and ITV, with telling a tale worth telling without trick camerawork, silly time shifts and changes to beautiful old tales, laughably inaccurate language and people attitudes for the perod of the work?

It's the writing that's all wrong, and often the direction. Even the sound is below par by comparison with similar stuff from the US and, as I say, little Denmark. Look and learn, Britain. No wonder your audiences are melting away line the snows in April.

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