The 2011 stories

 Although they're all now published in the paperback 'Twelve of Diamonds' (ISBN 978-0-9555193-4-5) I'll be happy to e-mail you any (one) of the following stories. Just e-mail me the title ( - I'll e-mail you the story - no charge and no follow up

One Cold, Cold Day: Pity the poor postman. His wife has gone; where to, who knows? It’s Valentine’s Day. Duty done he makes for the pub … just a few beers.

A Life With Dogs: 57 years old widow Lucy Fotheringay, alone and suffering the debilitating effects of Parkinsons has decided: better sooner than later. Best now.

There Was A Soldier: There’s a lot more come back from Afghanistan crippled than in coffins. But for ex-sergeant Macrae there are no tears, no regrets, no recriminations. 

Smile Samantha Smile: Behind the smiling exterior of this attractive lady weather forecaster there are some real concerns Her friend’s advice - go out with a bang …

Thirteen: It is the schoolboy’s thirteenth birthday and he’s making a series of discoveries about the world and about his place in it. But there are more questions than answers.

Goodbye and Good Luck: Wealthy entrepreneur Sir James Patrick Jamieson has asked me, as his family’s lawyer, to assemble his legatees for a reading of the Will. 

Lion Hearts: After a bad episode in the ring ex-boxer Josie James is on the road with a dog called Rich. He has no idea what he wants other than that he won’t fight again

A Very Hot Property: They’ve ridden the property train all the way to Brittany but life there hasn’t turned out as planned. And the return engine seems to have stalled.

All the Colours and the Black: Rudi Bowe, down and out artist has conceived a plan to lift himself out of the gutter - with the involuntary help of an ex-girlfriend.

A True and Gentle Man: The older you get the more you should know and there are always the memories. Happy ones like Margie; bad ones like Wormwood Scrubs.

Lost and Found: Jack has been a good provider for his wife Marie, his daughter and his disabled son. But now he’s been made redundant and their future looks bleak.

The Book: Marie and Jack Mortlock have become lost whilst walking the Scottish hills. Their overnight shelter is a cave; in it, a long lost whisky still and that book.



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