So the powers that be are preparing to print a load more of that ephemeral stuff we call 'money' in order to stuff the banks with  cash sufficient to prevent their bankruptcy. Theres is crime going on here on a truly colossal scale. Crime without punishment. Consider this ...

What is money if it is not a token reward from the receiver/s to the doer for work done in its favour, whether physical, service or intellectual? The Treasury 'creatlng money' is a very serious fraud against the society (all of us) that empowers it as guardian of basic work and reward integrity. And that applies whether the direct recipients of such 'home-made funds' are privately owned banks or governments or businesses or simply me and you.

Unfortunately the Treasury, emasculated by recent governments, has long since lost its power to resist the activities of those who cared little or nothing for work and reward and who were allowed to rifle the nation's coffers with impunity. The invaders' impunity that is, not ours, for we who have not been inside the City of London are being punished severely for crimes not of our own doing.

We can look to our so-called democratic government (by the people for the people what bxxxxxx!) for no sympathy. Other. that is, than the hypocrytical though no doubt well-meant spountings of politicians as, thrashing around for something - anything - to do to stop the impending self-made hurricane, they prepare to send more of this electronically ephemeral thing called money out of Threadneedle Street and into the maw of The City.

The best export our nation could achieve would be that of the City of London, leaving the rest of us to get on with life as did our forbears - the ones who created the system which they have so cruelly disfigured. Where to? Anywhere but here, I don't care. Then for richer or poorer, better or worse, we can reinstitute work, risk and reward depending on the quality of what we each one offers to the whole. Britain awake!

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