Painting in oils

When I was twenty four and the father of two I had an urge to try my hand at painting a picture. Before leaving school at the age of fourteen years and nine months I had gained what was called a School Certificate 'Distinction' in Art (and 'Honours' in six other subjects, none of them being Home Economics or Media Studies!) but had no further instruction nor any creative experience (apart from the creating of my lovely children, that is.)

I bought myself a students mini half set of oil paints plus a number of small Daler Boards and when the family had retired for the night I got to work. For the best part of a year I copied the Old Masters and the Impressionists before graduating to my own compositions. The painting below was amongst these very first efforts. I believe it to be a copy - obviously very much in miniature - of Carravagio's The Fall of Rome. However fifty one years is a long time to remember anything so I could be wrong.
For the past fifty years this picture has lain, forgotten, in one dark and dusty attic after another before coming to light during our move to Kirkhill House. Because we thought it 'suited' this old manse house we had it nicely framed by Lynne Bennet-Mackenzie and, when I look at it hanging over our fireplace I remember those long past times when all the world was young - and the times long past those when the Master painted the original - and the times long past those when mighty Rome fell into its final decay. 

Perhaps there's a lesson for us here, today?

I've 'painted' many pictures in pastels over the past ten years or so. Now I'm trying my hand at oils once more. Watch this space.

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