All change.

For seven years we have set out our Pictures and Poems stall at the Poolewe Tuesday market (April-October). Dee used to 'man' it but since she took up her Bed and Breakfast mini-business a year ago the manning has fallen to me. A month ago I decided not to carry on. Too many other and more profitable ways to spend my money-making time these days, especially as most of our B&B guests elect to buy some of my stuff. And especially as Dee can handle two rooms B&B if I'm around but only the one if I'm away at the market.

But I still wake up on a Tuesday looking at the weather (a definite factor in market footfall and sales per head.) And I definitely do miss the craic and all the blether with fellow marketeers and customers alike. 

But it's really surprising how much extra one can achieve by releasing for alternative use what seems like a comparatively minor chunk of one's weekly hours. In the past month I've written considerably more fiction and have finished a series of six oil paintings. This latter is a major departure for me from my traditional pastel landscapes but I'm enjoying it very much. Also, in conjunction with a friend, have now got our exciting Project X underway.(Watch this space!)

As I said in my Gairloch & District Times advert, "Rumours of my early retirement have been greatly exaggerated". Wonder where that one came from?.

Besides, we have a lot more oppostunity to smell the flowers, walk the hill.

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